Conference Venue

Palazzo Regione Lombardia

Conference room Testori

Address: Piazza Città di Lombardia n. 1 

Palazzo Lombardia, seat of the Regional Council, consists of a 161 meters tower of reinforced concrete, steel and glass, surrounded by a complex system of curvilinear buildings, from 7 to 8 floors high. The buildings’ ground floors contain cultural, entertainment and service functions, connected by a leaf-shaped square (How to get there)

The square on which the building rises, called “Piazza Città di Lombardia”, is the largest roofed square in Europe and hosts several activities. The area includes more than 26,000 m² of underground parking, 3,300 m² of areas under reforestation and 2,700 m² of rooftop garden.

The project involved advanced technological solutions, such as a cold beam system using ground water heat pumps, designed for both heating and cooling purposes. Some of the fronts of the tower are equipped with photovoltaic panels that guarantee a part of the energy necessary for the operation of the activities inside; finally, a climatic wall, consisting of an interspace between the external front windows and the internal ones, collects solar heat and allows its reuse.

The auditorium Testori, the location of Flowpath 2019 conference, is situated on the ground floor of Palazzo Lombardia, with direct entrance from the square: it is a modern elegantly refined auditorium, with wide spaces, excellent acoustics and fully equipped with new technologies.

Palazzo Lombardia is just a few minutes’ walk from the Pirelli skyscraper, near the Milano Centrale railway station and Milano Garibaldi railway station, in the Northern part of the city. The Conference room is located 20 minutes’ walk from Piazza Duomo, the city centre, and only 2 minutes walk from the subway station “Gioia” (Line M2 – Green).